You Survived 2020...Now Let’s Party at CityCentre!

We made it, folks! Well...we almost made it. 

The year hasn’t passed just yet and I’m still uneasy about what wretched Season Finale 2020 has in store for us all. But with that said, it’s never too late to plan ahead for the celebration of the New Year! On Thursday, December 31st, the CityCentre district is gathering together at The Moran Hotel to let loose with a New Year’s Eve party you’ll never forget! Starting at 9:30 PM, there will be live music, refreshments, and a countdown to midnight. Though there won’t be a fireworks display this year, it’s still nonetheless a great way to unwind and celebrate the coming of what should hopefully be a happy new year.

If you’re looking for ideal apartments to live in near the CityCentre area, there’s plenty to choose from! Bella Vista, Eden Pointe, La Primavera, the Steeples, Lakeside Forest, Legacy at Westchase, and Stonecreek are just a few excellent options. Really, there are no end choices as living here is incredibly convenient for all its residents.

While 2020 has been the farthest thing from a walk in the park, this celebration at The Moran Hotel is sure to add some much-needed fun and entertainment to brighten your night. While proper social distancing protocol will be set in place, guests can still experience all the exhilarating fun of the new year with a true night to remember. For more information, visit the hotel’s main website HERE. Make sure to reserve your tickets in advance!


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Dec 10