Enter a Special Dining Adventure With This Lord of the Rings-Themed Restaurant!

For so many fantasy enthusiasts, cinema-goers, and book-lovers, the Lord of the Rings is easily one of the greatest stories ever put to page and screen. From its compelling story, charming characters, epic world-building, and beautifully-crafted atmosphere, it’s an imaginative feast for the ages that people will continue to celebrate for many years to come. And now, thanks to the city of Houston’s wondrous sense of creativity, you can experience all the hearty warmth of the Shire with Houston’s very own Hobbit Cafe!

Designed to mimic the scenic tree-side climate of Hobbit country, the Hobbit Cafe is a great place to grab a bite with its fine selection of burgers, salads, snacks, beer, and more! And, best of all, the atmospheric theme comes complete with all the wonderful Lord of the Rings-inspired imagery everyone knows and loves. There are even drink specials designed to mimic key events of the books and film that you won’t want to miss!

The Hobbit Cafe has enjoyed excellent service and local popularity in the Upper Kirby area since 1972. This area of Houston is known for its great restaurant dives and bar nightlife, the perfect spot for anyone looking to enjoy great dining and the life of the party. 

In terms of living near the area in proximity to the cafe, you have plenty of great choices. Ever-advantageous, the Buffalo Bayou Park area, including Bayou Park Apartments and Arya Memorial Heights Apartments, are excellent places in terms of quick convenience to anything relatively nearby with less than a twenty-minute drive over. Those living in the Midwest area of Houston, Barcelona Apartments, for example, will equally find the drive quick and convenient with only a fifteen-minute drive over. Additionally, residents in the Westchase area are particularly lucky as they have quick access to the I-69 Highway, providing them with a speedy commute to the cafe with ease. All are great ways to reach the cafe without much hassle, even in the midst of Houston traffic.

Hobbits are known for their love of food. Today, you can eat with all the gusto of a happy hobbit with a great meal at a great place. And even during Covid-19, there are plenty of safety procedures in place to maintain a safe and comfortable visit. Watch out for Nazgûl and orcs and embark on an adventure of epically-delicious proportions! If you’re curious, you can check out their menu here. Have fun, everyone!

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